Ronaldo Takes Part In Training Match With Portugal

On Saturday Cristiano Ronaldo was found training with team mates in Portugal.

He had a penalty miss when he was playing against Bulgaria and it could be to step up his performance. He was found training with fellow players like Pepe of Real Madrid, Bruno Alves and Nanai. The game against Belgium is scheduled to take place on Tuesday.

Among the players involved, one could also spot Renato Sanches, the eighteen year old midfielder. He is being targeted for signing by Manchester United for an amount of 46 million Euros. On Friday Ronaldo was chosen for two penalty kicks in two games when he was playing for Portugal. He missed both goals. As a result Portugal had to admit defeat to Bulgaria. Seeing how Ronaldo missed out both kicks, there was much buzz among fans and viewers. Last week he had missed out for Real when they were playing against Sevilla. The consecutive penalty kick misses have led to much speculation among fans and experts

However, the Portugal club manager claimed that the miss was not being counted as any real concern about Ronaldo’s performance. He stated that Ronaldo has always been delivering about 40 or 50 goals in every season and his form is not being doubted over. In order to get Portugal to qualify Ronaldo has contributed about five goals.

This friendly match in Portugal took place after the initial match was rescheduled. The initial match was supposed to be held in Belgium. After the terrorist attacks that occurred, the game’s venue was changed.

There are images of Ronaldo training with his Portugal team mates on several forums. He definitely does not look a day older to the eighteen year old protégé which is much relief to his fans who love to see him in form.