Florentino Perez wont Distract Cristiano Ronaldo

Florentino Perez says he is in no mood to distract Cristiano Ronaldo at this point of time when he is serving his country in a big competition like Confederations Cup.

Madrid supporters are really worried about Cristiano’s departure and want the chairman to make the picture clear in that regard, but, in the opinion of the chairman, this is not the right time for him to have a conversation with the player and without having a conversation with him, he can’t pass any comment.

Cristiano is said to be hurt by the accusations that he has had to face about him not paying the taxes properly and trying to deceive the Spanish government and that is the reason he is not willing to spend another year in Spain.

Perez admits that things are not completely okay right now and Cristiano is definitely a little upset, but, he is very confident that when he gets to talk to the Portuguese at length and gets to know what he is upset about, he will try and make sure that his problems are sorted out because being the chairman, it’s his duty to defend the players who are associated with the club, whatever be the matter.

One thing that Perez is absolutely sure of is that even if Cristiano bids adieu to Madrid, money won’t be the factor behind it and it will be due to something else.

Cristiano’s situation is, however, not the only headache for Madrid. James Rodriguez is another player who is the subject of discussion in Spanish media with many people speculating that he is set to be on his way out of Bernabeu as well.

But, as per Perez, the club intends to retain the services of all the players including Cristiano and James.