Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick playing for Portugal in the World Cup qualifying game against Northern Ireland last month. With those 3 goals, he became the highest goal scorer for his country. He broke the record of the former Benfica forward Eusebio.

Ronaldo has now got 43 goals in 106 international games, while, Eusebio had found the net 41 times in his 64 appearances for Portugal.

Now, a new discussion has started in Portugal about the best player the country has produced so far. Some are saying that it’s Ronaldo, while, some believe its Eusebio.

According to some reports, the comparison with Ronaldo has upset Eusebio. He thinks it’s unfair to compare him with Ronaldo as he scored his 41 goals in fewer matches.

But, Ronaldo thinks that the 71 years old legend shouldn’t get upset by this comparison as records are made just to get broken.

When the Real Madrid striker was asked about Eusebio being unhappy to be compared with him, he said, “I don’t think he should get upset. The records get broken at some point of time.”

“Two players get compared with each other when one breaks the other’s record. It’s not something which one should be sad about. Eusebio’s name will always be at the top of the tree.”

Ronaldo also said that he wants to keep creating history in the game. The 28 years Old Portuguese international said, “My target is to make 100 more appearances for my country.”

Ronaldo is not too far away from becoming the most capped Portuguese player. He just needs to make 22 more international appearances and he will hold that record.

Currently, the player who has played the most no. of matches for Portugal is Luis Figo. He made 127 appearances for his country.