Ronaldo Could Be Due For Move BAck to United

In the past few weeks rumors started originating stating that C.Ronaldo is unhappy at Real Madrid and that a return to Old Trafford is on the horizon. The former president of Real Madrid, Ramon Calderon believes that C.Ronaldo is not happy with the policy of Florentino Perez as he has sold some of his former teammates that the Portuguese believes was a bad idea to have released including: Gonzalo Higuain and Angel Di Maria.
Angel Di Maria was the main engine behind Manchester United’s first Premier League victory when they played against Queens Park Rangers and fans of Real Madrid do not agree with the decision of having released Di Maria in order to fit in James Rodriguez, a €80 million player who still has not shown his worth.
It seems like these signings and departures are not only taking a toll out of fans of the Spanish club but it’s also affecting the players in the squad of Real Madrid as well with C.Ronaldo reportedly believed to be more and more disappointed with some of the latest decisions of Real Madrid in the transfer market.
If all of the rumors are actually true and C.Ronaldo does want to make a return to Manchester United within the next few months, this is splendid news for the fans of the Premier League club that have recently been going through so much hardship but United will have to offer the Portuguese player around €300,000 a week wages in order to keep the Ballon d’Or winner satisfied at Old Trafford and repel interest away from other clubs which might also be interested in signing him.
As we have already seen, money is not an important factor for Manchester United as they are willing to spend as much as it might be necessary in order to upgrade their squad and make the club Champions League worthy.