The manager of Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho, got annoyed when he was asked about the so called ‘sadness’ of Cristiano Ronaldo. Mourinho said that Ronaldo is playing as well as ever and that is the most important thing for the team management.

Ronaldo had scored two goals in the match against Granada, but, he didn’t celebrate those goals. After the match, the Portuguese superstar told the reporters that he was sad and that’s why he didn’t celebrate. As per Ronaldo, his sadness has nothing to do with the money that he is getting from the club. He is sad due to some other reason and the club knows about that reason.

There have been speculations that Ronaldo wanted his wages to be increased up to the levels that Fernando Torres is reportedly getting, but, the club didn’t agree to it. This is the reason for him being unhappy with the club. Ronaldo said that these speculations are completely wrong and he is satisfied with his current wages. Ronaldo is currently earning 13.82 million dollars per year.

According to some reports, Ronaldo met the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, on Saturday and told him that he wanted himself to be released as he had not been enjoying himself in Madrid’s dressing room. However, Ronaldo hasn’t yet confirmed that he met the president.

Ronaldo said that he is upset, but, he would not let that affect his performance on the field. His commitment to the club is still the same. He wants to win more and more matches for the club in the ongoing season and he would give his 100% in the further matches.

Jose Mourinho said that he didn’t know why Ronaldo is sad and he doesn’t want to be asked this question again and again. He wants to talk about the performance of the team and nothing else. He is delighted with the way Madrid played against Granada and he is expecting the players to carry on in the same fashion.