Cristiano Ronaldo was shown Red Card in the last quarter of the La Liga game between Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao which was played on Sunday. He got that punishment for hitting an opposition player on the face.

He might face a further ban too as he made a controversial gesture to one of the match officials while coming off the ground.

However, most of the people believe that Ronaldo didn’t deserve to be sent off for that act of his. It was clear that he was provoked by a couple of Bilbao players. Yes, he shouldn’t have hit anybody, but, a yellow card would have been sufficient to punish him for what he did.

Since that red card was shown to Ronaldo during a La Liga game. So, it doesn’t stop him from taking part in the matches of the other competitions. It means that the Portuguese forward would be available for Real Madrid for their next game which is a Copa Del Rey encounter against the local rivals Atletico Madrid.

However, according to the reports coming through, Real Madrid is planning to appeal against that Red Card. If that happens, Ronaldo would be free to play until the hearing takes place.

But, in case the striker is found guilty and that appeal is turned down, he might end up being banned for an excess of 3 matches. That’s because not only did he misbehave with one of his counterparts, he tried to make fun of a match official too.

Ronaldo is currently topping the list of the leading goal scorers in the Spanish top flight this season. His goal’s tally reads 22. It’s two more than the total no. of goals scored by Diego Costa who is at the second position in that list.