Portuguese football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is set to get a new deal from Spanish club Real Madrid.

According to reports from Guillem Balague, the former Red Devils star’s contract is done and ready. The report says that the contract is ready, but that the club is waiting for the right moment to announce it. The deal’s announcement is believed to be best suited to help reappoint Florentino Perez as the Real Madrid elections for 2017 presidency gets underway.

The report says that the deal would be two or three years, and that it has been agreed months before now. The new deal was prepared because the current contract is set to lapse in 2018, and because of a transfer ban appeal that Real Madrid lost. Interested clubs in Paris St Germain, and Manchester United were not keen to activate his huge buy-out clause even if both parties were to split from the current mutually beneficial equation.

Ronaldo himself seems keen to end his career at the Santiago Bernabeu as it almost assures him of yet another title, and as he remains the club’s number one. The star also continues to command a huge weekly wage, and the competitive platform to win more personal awards.

Reports say he was not happy with the act the Real Madrid have not been able to win the La Liga title like their arch rivals Barcelona. While Ronaldo might not be able to run with the pace we have come to know as he seems to have peaked physically, he will definitely remain a top goalscorer. Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane would have to continue to manage his influence – as he wants to always be the most influential in the team – and that of Gareth Bale as they chase for more titles.